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Our Cocoa Beans

We only work with cocoa bean suppliers who support sustainable, environmental and fair trade practices. We believe that the most flavoursome cocoa beans are the ones grown with passion and care.

Below are the producers we choose to work with: 


Situated in the village of Mbingu ("heaven" in Swahili) in the heart of the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili is a bit of a revolution in the world of specialty cacao and artisan chocolate makers. Until recently, African-grown cacao has suffered from a fairly negative reputation, owing to the poor quality of the cacao, unethical practices and general poverty amongst farmers.

In the early 2010's Kokoa Kamili set out to change this vicious circle. Genetic testing showed that their local cacao beans had great potential, with presence of ancient criollo, neo-nacional, and a backbone of amelonado varieties. Kokoa kamili provided free seedlings to farmers, agronomic support and training, and obtained organic certification to preserve this heritage. On top of that, they sat down with the farmers to work out a model where farmers receive 24% more income for their wet beans than the market rate for dried-fermented beans, also providing the logistics to pick up the beans. This means farmers not only make more money but also save time to concentrate on their plantation or private life. Kokoa Kamili takes care of the fermentation and drying, which they control precisely and scientifically.

The variety of the cacao beans is what is called acriollado, which is a natural hybrid of criollo and amelonado. Genetic testing also revealed the presence of neo-nacional markers. The flavour is full bodied, fruity (berries, red fruits) and chocolatey, and - depending on the harvest season and roast - aromas of black tea or brownie batter.

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Located in the Duarte Province in the Dominican Republic, Oko Caribe sources cocoa beans locally from 180 families of small holder farmers.

The relationship goes beyond a simple supplier-buyer model: farmers earn 32% more for their cocoa beans than the market rate, receive free training on agronomic practices, organic certification and microfinancing for cacao-related expenses as well as personal loans for family emergencies and community needs. We particularly like the pristine condition of the cocoa beans, showing exceptional fermentation and preparation. The fermentary is also managed by Oko Caribe, and has received world wide praises for the quality of their work, inspiring a new generation of specialty cacao bean suppliers.

The variety of the cacao beans is called Hispaniola (or fermented Sanchez), a flavoursome and balanced trinitario with presence of nacional and other rare varieties like contamana and iquitos. The cacao beans are rich in cocoa butter, full of red/ripe fruit flavour but low in acidity, astringency and bitterness, allowing for a mild roast with plenty of flavour.

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Ingemann Fine CocoaIngemann Fine Cocoa is a cacao bean supplier and fermentary based in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. In exchange for a long-term contract (10 years), small holder farmers receive a premium of 25% on their wet cocoa beans (compared to market rate for dried beans), training in heirloom cacao, cultivation support, collection at farm gate (Nicaragua is a mountaineous country making logistics a challenge). They have also helped coffee farmers affected by climate change convert their plantations to cocoa. Currently 450 small holders supply Ingemann with wet cocoa beans.

Several varieties are produced, with a few heirloom varieties (meaning unmodified by men) such as Chuno and Nicalizo. These varieties actually grow on the same cacao trees, and are separated and sorted by the farmers during harvest (a unique process that Ingeman has developed by training farmers to recognize varieties).
The Nicalizo variety is a well fermented cacao bean with a slightly acidic backbone, developing into flavours of dark spices, nutmeg, and grapes.
The Chuno variety delivers notes of grapefruit, nuts and grapes.

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