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Teeling Whiskey Barrel-aged Dominican Republic

Teeling Whiskey Barrel-aged Dominican Republic

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77% Single Origin Dominican Republic Öko Caribe barrel-aged chocolate bar. 

Made from nibs aged for 2 months in an ex-bourbon cask (Maker's Mark), that was the vessel for aging Teeling Whiskey Single Malt.

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Cocoa bean varietyHispaniola. Certified Organic. 2019 Harvest.

Origin: Öko Caribe, Duarte Province, Dominican Republic

Tasting notes:  This batch is a very special one. The nibs have taken plenty of aromas from the barrel (oak, smokey flavours, and vanilla) as well as from the Single Malt (smoothness, sweetness, round whiskey aromas).

Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans aged in a whiskey barrel, organic sugar and cocoa butter.

50 gram bar